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#blendyourglow with ingredients in your kitchen cupboard.

Gorgeous and glowing skin and hair begins in your kitchen.

B&G Kitchen is a community of like-minded babes who wanna take their beauty into their own hands. We believe everyone can create their own effective beauty treatments at home using their kitchen essentials. Our motto: beauty that’s good enough to eat* (*not literally).

Here you can peruse our lovely Founder Charlie’s free, tried and tested recipes, share your own recipes (we love hearing from you) and inspire our future products (your skin is your thing, so have your say)!

Honestly it’s super easy to blend our body loving recipes, so give it a go you won’t be disappointed…

Finding the perfect kitchen cupboard ingredients and recipes for you skin is like dating.

Call us match makers, we’ve been total babes and done all the hard work for you. Click on the zodiac wheel to match your current skin and hair concerns with ingredients and recipes. Simple!

Dark Circles.

Those circles of terror are a wake up call! Too many nights out on the town (slash nights in watching box sets back to back), and these tell tale signs come out to play.

Say hello to your dark circle heroes...

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Minimise Appearance
of Pores.

Spoiler alert: it's a total myth that you can shrink your pores. BOO. They're genetically determined (so you can thank you parents for that). So fake it 'til you make it, and create the illusion that they are smaller than they actually are.

Meet your pore saviours...

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Those pesky blemishes are always breaking out footloose and fancy free at the most inconvenient times, leaving your skin feeling clogged and oily.

Let's get you selfie ready again, meet your knights in shining armour, here to banish breakouts...

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We've all been there; crushing hard on the guy in the coffee shop til we're pink in the face. A little blush can be cute, but a lotta redness ain't doing you a whole lotta favours.

Say hello to the guys who'll always like you back...

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Uneven Skin Tone.

In this airbrush obsessed world it's important to remember that no one's skin is perfect. But if you hate being reminded of how much sun you've had, or acne from days gone by, we want to help you get back to your true you.

Never fear your skin saviours are here...

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Ladies, we love your bootylicious behinds, so we've got you a little something to help keep them smooth and ready to move all year round.

Meet your cellulite saviours...

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Air con, central heating & pollution do no favours for your skin and hair babe. Let's get them all smooth, supple and glowing again.

Meet your dry skin saviours...

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Because everyone likes a rainbow. Time to reveal your true glow to the world babe.

Enjoy brighter skin with these saviours...

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