B&G Seasonal Beauty Box

Babe, your skin is not getting the very best it deserves.

Just like you switch up your wardrobe each season, you should be tweaking your beauty products too. And on top of that as your skin concerns change over time, so should your products. Understandably, your skin is unhappy – it has been telling you – dry in the winter, greasy in the summer and dark circles (and the rest) in between.


We’ve got the answer! The UK’s first ever Blend-It-Yourself Beauty Box.

A new box each season. Personalised, scientifically tested recipes and natural ingredients to blend your skincare staples and body, hair and face treatments. So that you can receive the products in their freshest, most active states possible, we send them to you packaged up separately, and then you mix it yourself! It’s a whole lot of Blend-It-Yourself fun that will take you no longer than watching your favourite episode of Friends. So, wave goodbye to unhappy skin and say hello to Better Beauty.

Sound good already? Well you’ll save loads of money too!

Chatting to B&G babes, on average you’re spending hundreds on skincare products and treatments each year. Your way to Better Beauty isn’t about spending more. It’s about helping you make the best choices with lovingly designed, ever-evolving (yes we’re always bringing you the very best ingredients), personalised, multi-functional products and treatments that work harder for you — not the other way round.

How it works each season?


You Describe:

Because no two babes are the same (holla at ya Olsen Twins). By answering just a few questions, we get to know you and your skin.


We Handpick:

Working with our dream team of scientific and aromatherapy experts, we design our products to suit your seasonal skin needs, specific skin concerns and your lifestyle, giving you the very best skincare.


We Deliver:

We package your personal, scientifically tested, seasonal ingredients and recipes with all the tools you need and send them right to your door.


You Blend:

With our quick and easy peasy “how to” recipes that would make Blue Peter proud, you can enjoy natural, fresh, #blendityourself beauty

Dear Diary, My plan for naturally, happy, glowing skin!

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  • APR
  • MAY
  • JUN
  • JUL
  • AUG
  • SEP
  • OCT
  • NOV
  • DEC
  • JAN
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Spring Starter

Get funky and fresh as a daisy with your Spring Starter kit. Give your face a kick start by blending 4 new staple products (and a few surprises).

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Summer Loving

Give your body that summer loving with some treats to scrub and rub your body ready for this seasons fun and quench that thirsty skin and hair.

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Autumn Ready

This joyous season of mists and mellow fruitfulness brings you a wholesome and nourishing kit of 4 multi-functional seasonal staples to blend.

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Winter Warming

Holidays are coming, yay! Wrap up warmly and soothe your skin, hair & soul with our Winter Warming treats.

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