B&G Seasonal Box

How long will each box last me?

Your Spring Ready and Autumn Ready boxes will each last you 6 months and your treatment boxes will each last you 3 months (or sooner depending on how often you want to pamper yourself). So, you can enjoy your Summer Loving and Winter Warming treats alongside your staple products.

How long will it take to blend ingredients and recipes in my box into products and treats?

It’s super easy and fun to blend your products and treats at home. All boxes take 30 minutes or less to make.

Will I get a toolkit in each box?

Your toolkit will come in your very first box and will last a lifetime. Think of it as a little present from us to you. We know you’re going to love it. We proudly display our toolkit in our bathroom #obsessed

What happens if I sign up during a Winter Warming or Summer Loving box, do I still get my staple products?

Don’t worry you won’t miss out. Your first box will include mini staples and a few treats to get your skin primed and glowing for the season.

B&G Product Information

Do you use any artificial fragrances in your product and treats?

No nasties here babe! We use steam-distilled essential oils and hydrolats (aka flower waters) so not only will your skin reap the benefits it will smell naturally gorgeous too!

Do your products and treats contain preservatives and parabens?

We don’t use parabens as our preservative blend. Instead, we use a naturally derived preservative blend in all our products and treats that contain water. This is a must have to stop any bacteria or mold from growing.

Are your products and treats all-natural?

Of course babe! All our products and treats are made from an affordable mix of natural, organic or naturally derived scientifically tested ingredients. Check out our product philosophy here.

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