Our Story

The Great B&G Make off

It all began in 2014 when our Founder, Charlie, was competing in a family “healthy bake off” with her three sisters. Each one had their unique talent in the kitchen, and as the stirring, kneading, and whipping began, Charlie looked round in dismay that she had no kitchen based USP. So she thought outside the box, played to her strengths, and began blending up a rather special concoction…




To this day it is heavily debated as to which sister won the competition, but Charlie’s insider knowledge from working for top brands within the beauty industry and love of making natural, honest and easy to understand products proved a winning combination. She created a recipe for each sister, tailor made for what their skin needed in that moment, and blended them up a treat. Their tummy’s may have been left empty, but their skin was simply glowing.

Blend It Yourself beauty was born. #BIY

Our Product Philosophy

All our products live and breathe our philosophy that beauty should be personal, fun, honest and above all effective.
We’re starting with the most important thing: skincare. Because glowing skin = instant gratification.


Forget skin types, it’s all about YOU. Everyone’s skin is different, changes over time and with the seasons. And our skin is also a reflection of our lifestyle. So, we design our products with all this mind meaning you no longer have to compromise.


Blend It Yourself Beauty = the new DIY Beauty. Nothing is more empowering than discovering a new ingredient, whipping up a B&G Kitchen recipe or one of our seasonal products that actually work, can be tailored to you and leaves you feeling utterly pampered! Say goodbye to DIY beauty disasters!


Who says you can’t have it all? Working with scientific and aromatherapy experts, we mix the best bits of scientific knowledge with bountiful nature. The end result = products that work together to immediately bring out your glow.


No nasty surprises here! Every ingredient we use is natural, or naturally derived and most importantly is there for a reason. Being organic, where it matters most for you. Just as we make smart choices when it comes to food, we use an affordable mix of organic and natural ingredients.

What's inside matters!

Our products are lovingly created with…

  • Plant-based cold-pressed oils (because we love a cheeky double barrel)
  • Steam-distilled essential oils and hydrolats (oh there goes another one)
  • Natural plant-based butters (last one promise)
  • Natural clays
  • Natural extracts
  • Plant-based waxes (oops #obsessed)
  • Recyclable packaging

We’re also vegan friendly* AND do not test on animals. [drops mic and strikes power stance]
*we suggest adding honey to some of our B&G Kitchen recipes for babes who want to

You’ll find none of these in our body loving products…

  • No parabens
  • No PEGS or phthalates
  • No artificial scents, artificial colours or dyes
  • No formeldyhde
  • No sulphates or silicones
  • No mineral oil
  • No glycols, no DEA or TEA